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Quality Pet Nutrition:
Providing Excellent Options for Your Pets

Pet Fitness

All pets benefit from exercise, and it has been shown to increase life expectancy and significantly improve the quality of life for pets and the people who love them. Taking your pet on a walk, run, or just playing with them is important for health, strengthens the bond you have with your pet, and it can help you to keep an eye out for any health issues or changes in behavior that may warrant a veterinary checkup.

We are also committed to helping keep pets fit. Our hospital has three outdoor areas used for walking, training, and exercising pets. We have specially designed this exercise area so that our staff is able to maintain the highest level of safety for all pets with whom we work while providing the exercise, rehabilitation, or training that will benefit the pet’s health and wellbeing.

If you have questions about the best pet fitness options for your unique situation, please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our trained technicians or veterinarians.

Pet Nutrition

The old saying, “You are what you eat,” applies to pets too. At All Pets Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Care, we want to make sure your pet has high quality life and health, so we carry and recommend high quality diets.

Dog is waiting for feeding

Pets have nutritional needs that are different from people. Providing the correct balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for each stage of your pet’s life will not only help your pet to grow and develop, it will also stave off many health issues. Building a strong body through proper pet nutrition relates to many health benefits, including:

  • Muscle tone and body condition
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Strong immune system to fight off disease
  • Proper digestion and elimination of wastes

Dogs and Cats

For your convenience, we carry the three brands of dog and cat foods listed below. These companies have made it their goal to produce foods that optimize pet health. We carry general wellness diets for dogs and cats, as well as prescription diets for special conditions including a variety of health issues, weight control, and diets to aid with dental health.

Exotic Pets

Exotic pets need quality nutrition too. We recommend Harrisons Avian Diets for birds and Oxbow Animal Health for small mammals and reptiles.

Homemade Diets

For families wishing to make their own pet food diets, provides nutritional information to formulate a diet that will meet your pet’s unique needs.

If you have questions about your pet’s nutrition or pet food options, please contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians or veterinarians.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

We have received excellent care and service for our Westie from All Pets Animal Hospital for eight years and counting. We also use them for boarding when we go on vacation as our dog receives such loving care from the entire staff that she returns home like she has never been gone. A "five out of five stars" rating with a "highly recommend" from us.
Denny & Cheryl Daniels
Dr. Choyce's expert and professional approach are exceptional. I would recommend All Pets Animal Hospital and its services and personnel to any caring pet owner.
Sara Chadwick
I love it here. The staff is very friendly! We brought our puppy here because she was very ill, and as soon as we brought her home, she was back to normal. Everyone is very professional. This is the place I will continue taking my pets to get their check-ups.
Cindy Hernandez
The staff is wonderful. We trust them implicitly with the care of my babies. We have peace of mind knowing there is always someone on call if ever there is an emergency.
Deana Mangan