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All Pets Animal Hospital
Employment Opportunities

The entire staff at All Pets Animal Hospital & 24 Hour Emergency Care is committed to providing the very best in patient care and customer service. We are a tenured and dedicated Team that strives to grow professionally and to constantly raise the Standard of Care that we offer. We expect the best and we seek out the best. We are committed to our Team and we offer competitive pay and an excellent benefit package. Won’t you join our Team?

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Current Openings

Associate Veterinarian

New graduates welcome.

Specialty credential preferred.

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Texas Licensure is a requirement for this position.  No application will be accepted without a current LVT License by the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

Newly licensed graduates are welcome.

VTS credential is preferred.


The purpose of this position is to assure the well planned, accurate and orderly flow of patient care and treatments through motivating and effective leadership, as well as teaching and mentorship of all staff.  An LVT is expected to follow the NAVTA Code of Ethics and be committed to lifelong learning and professional growth.


• All veterinary medical tasks and technical aspects legally allowed by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and as approved by the supervising Veterinarian.  Including, in dogs and cats, extracting loose teeth or dental fragments with minimal periodontal attachments by hand and without the use of an elevator.

• Mentoring and skills development of the staff 

• Client education

• Immediately supervise veterinary medical tasks of an unlicensed employee that are not otherwise prohibited, either by laws, APAH24’s SOP, or the supervising veterinarian.

• Zone - Outpatient Exam Room assistance, including client education.

• Zone - Inpatient hospitalization support and patient care.

• Zone - Surgical assistance and patient care support

• Zone - Emergency patient triage support, patient care, including all aspects of OP, IP, Sx, and client service.


The Licensed Veterinary Technician works under the direct supervision of Veterinarians and the indirect supervision of Management and Team Leaders.  Communicates in a professional manner with all other Team Members and DVMs.  Work is reviewed in terms of adequacy of skills and services provided, with a special focus on Ethics, Performance and Team Work.


• A current LVT license in good standing from the Texas Veterinary Medical Examiners Board.

• Thorough knowledge and ability to use Avimark.

• Well trained and exhibits in proper restraint of all companion animals.

• Proactively assesses needs of patients, DVMs and team members according to upcoming schedule.

• All veterinary medical tasks and technical aspects legally allowed by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, and as approved by the supervising Veterinarian.

• Mentoring and skills development of the staff.

• Client education.

• Immediately supervises veterinary medical tasks of an unlicensed employee in a manner that is not otherwise prohibited, either by laws, APAH24’s SOP, or by the supervising veterinarian. 

• Out Patient

o Perform and teach proper restraint of patients for examination or treatment.

o Record temperature, respiration, and weight; collect appropriate lab samples (fecal, blood, and urine), per APAH24 SOPs.  

o Skilled at client communication and client education per APAH24 protocols.

o Skilled at use of Avimark for proper recording of history, findings and scheduling of appointments.

o Provide services such as nail trims, vaccinations (boosters), ear cleaning, suture removal, heartworm tests, etc. and others as directed by supervising DVM.

o Conclude appointment by reviewing prescribed medication, products and diets, and assuring that future appointments are forward-booked.

o Perform preliminary examination when DVM is not available and report in chart.

• Laboratory, Pharmacy and Diagnostics

o Collect blood from jugular, cephalic, and saphenous veins.

o Collect and run all routine lab samples for in-house and reference labs.

o Perform Schirmer tear test, eye stains, tonometer tests, NIPB (Doppler), ECGs, and other diagnostic tests as directed by supervising DVM.

o Skilled at drawing arterial blood samples to measure blood gases.

o Track lab samples (in-house and outside services).

o Fill all in-house prescriptions, and be routinely familiar with online pharmacy

• Inpatient

o Read and interpret patient chart and ICU sheet, perform required treatments, and follow veterinarian’s orders accurately.

o Record all findings and interactions in patient record, to facilitate requests for changes of pain medication, fluid rates, nutritional orders, etc.

o Provide injections, collect samples, and perform all treatments.

o Monitor and evaluate all patients (pre- and post-surgical, as well has hospitalized).

o Skilled at managing critical care cases and the ability to see the “big picture” of care, progress, and costs to client.

o Utilize patient chart, symptoms and observations to constantly assess patient current status and report significant information to doctors.

o Perform diagnostics (EKG, NIBP, radiology, lab work, etc.)

o Efficiently and securely place all catheters (male & female urinary, jugular, saphenous and cephalic, nasal oxygen, etc.) using aseptic technique per protocol.

o Assures oversite for proper medical records and daily charge input.

o Perform triage of emergency patients and assess stability of at-risk hospital patients.

o Auscultate patients for irregular heart rhythms.

o Perform and interpret EKG’s and report to DVM.

o Place urinary catheters in female patients.

o Set up and monitor urinary production when needed.

o Place intra-osseous, jugular and saphenous catheters. 

• Radiology

o Know and use appropriate safety precautions for x-rays.

o Knows proper positioning and technique setting for obtaining routine x-rays.

o Knows proper use of PACS image storage and send details.

o Skilled at obtaining non-standard images for pelvis, skull, spine, extremities, OFA & PennHip.

o Skilled at special radiographic procedures such as Barium, IVP, pneumocystogram, etc.

o Works with DVM to anesthetize patients as necessary to safely obtain the best diagnostic images.

• Surgery

o Know and use appropriate safety precautions for gas anesthesia.

o Prepare patients for routine surgeries with pre-anesthetics, clipping, aseptic scrub, and proper monitoring devices.

o Prepare patients for orthopedic, thoracic, exploratory and other non-routine surgeries.

o Administer pre-anesthetic injection, calculate injectable anesthesia, induce anesthesia, intubate and prepare patients for routine surgery.

o Skilled with the proper use of ventilator.

o Anticipate the patient’s need for specific anesthesia, pain medication protocol and possible problems when anesthesia is needed.

o Skilled at proper aseptic surgical technique, including the ability to gown and glove and assist in surgery, if needed.

o Anesthetize at-risk patients for necessary procedures.

o Utilize anesthesia with ventilator.

o Knows all surgical instruments and proper care of.

o Monitor and recover patients using required checklist and per DVM.

o Skilled and adept at suturing to close existing skin incisions and skin lacerations per DVM instructions.

o Clean, pack and sterilize surgical instruments and supplies, including drills and special equipment.

o Adept at care and use of flexible and rigid endoscopes, including digital image recording of cases.

o Certified and skilled to run ETO gas sterilizer.

• Dentistry

o Skilled at obtaining timely full mouth dental x-rays for all sizes of dogs and cats

o Skilled at dental charting

o Skilled at performing Grade I – IV dental prophylactic treatments

o Assist with oral surgery and extract loose teeth or dental fragments of dogs and cats with minimal periodontal attachments by hand and without the use of an elevator; 

o Skilled at maintaining all dental equipment

• Emergency

o Can perform in adequately in all other areas including OP, IP, Sx and ER. 

o Has been trained and is adept at performing the ER aspects of CSR. 


The physical demands are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


• Licensure in good standing with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

• Level I - Generally a new graduate or new to the practice.  Length of time in Level I will depend on previous training, experience, education, and personal aptitude.

• Level II - Has been cross-trained in all areas (OP, IP, Sx), and is adept at performing in all areas.

• Level III – Has been cross-trained and is fully qualified to be a Lead ER Technician.

• Level IV - Team Leader / Supervisory position


• Superior Ethics

• Technically Skilled as a Licensed Veterinary Technician

• Effective Teamwork

• Ability to learn and use Avimark, SmartFlow and Cubex proficiently.

• Timely adherence to all departmental and hospital protocols to assure delivering excellence in patient care.

• Empathetic ability to deal with pets may be sick, uncomfortable and in a strange environment.

• Communication and client service skills with tact and diplomacy.  Ability to work with clients and co-workers in a professional, friendly, hospitable manner.

• Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

• Regular attendance and timeliness are an essential function in order to fulfill the requirements of this position.

• Willingness to cross train and work in all areas of the hospital.

All Pets Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Care is located at 24221 Kingsland Boulevard, Katy, TX 77494.

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or call (281) 392-PETS (7387).

What Our Clients Are Saying:

The staff is wonderful. We trust them implicitly with the care of my babies. We have peace of mind knowing there is always someone on call if ever there is an emergency.
Deana Mangan
I liked the level of compassion shown toward our pets and the office's understanding of how much the pets mean to their owners. I particularly enjoyed being able to observe the surgical procedure and appreciated the commentary relative to any milestones during the process. Dr. Choyce and his group treated our pets as if she were one of their own dogs.
Rob Walters for Anthony Barrientos
Dr. Choyce's expert and professional approach are exceptional. I would recommend All Pets Animal Hospital and its services and personnel to any caring pet owner.
Sara Chadwick
I love it here. The staff is very friendly! We brought our puppy here because she was very ill, and as soon as we brought her home, she was back to normal. Everyone is very professional. This is the place I will continue taking my pets to get their check-ups.
Cindy Hernandez