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Julia Purnell

Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Julia Purnell

Dr. Julia Purnell graduated in 2020 from Texas A&M University. She chose veterinary medicine because being a DVM gives her the privilege of ensuring animal health, both through the prevention of disease as well as the treatment of disease. Dr. Purnell believes that keeping a pet healthy is the first step in ensuring that a client can have a happy, healthy relationship with their pets. Pets are able to bring so much joy and comfort, and it is truly a special job. In addition to being able to impact the bond between clients and their pets, Dr. Purnell enjoys being able to determine what is wrong in the time of illness. She has always enjoyed science and being a veterinarian integrates all aspects of science in the service of animals. Diagnostic “mysteries” give her a chance to play detective and help understand what is going on. She loves the variety in the job, believes it is an exciting profession, and most importantly loves to help pets and their people.

Dr. Purnell’s favorite part of her job is being able to form relationships with her patients and clients from the first puppy/kitten visit and carry that relationship forward through the rest of that pet’s life from yearly preventative medicine to sick visits.

In her spare time, Dr. Purnell enjoys nature! She loves to hike, kayak, bird watch, garden, and also loves baking.