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About Us

All Pets Animal Hospital was founded by Dr. Patrick Choyce in Katy, Texas, in 1990 in a small strip center on Mason Road. In 2011, Dr. Choyce opened the current state-of-the-art, award-winning facility, and this greatly expanded the number and types of services the hospital could offer to area pets.

In the last few years, the hospital has experienced dramatic growth, adding three veterinary associates to the practice and providing routine health care as well as 24-hour emergency care for pets in the area.

By meeting the high standards required to gain AAHA accreditation, All Pets Animal Hospital has created an environment where the multifaceted needs of pet owners can be met. As a bond-centered practice, the staff and veterinarians are committed to enhancing the relationship that owners have with the pets they love.

Clients who entrust their pets to our veterinarians and support staff have recognized the level of dedication we give and the caring we exhibit through quality pet care. Our doctors are seen as veterinarians who are an excellent fit for people who love their pets, and our hospital is known as a place for people who consider their pets not just animals but members of the family.

Stray Pets And Wildlife

Dear Clients:

The mission of All Pets Animal Hospital is to treat every person’s pet with the same love and quality care we would our own.

We feel morally obligated to use our skills to help animals and people. However, we must also run a solvent business in order to live up to our mission statement. With these facts in mind, we have developed guidelines for how we will address the care of stray pets and wildlife. If there are any questions, then please see me, Dr. Pat Choyce, Hospital Director.

We will treat all wildlife free of charge as part of our commitment to our profession. We will also encourage using the resources of the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition and licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

We will treat any and all emergencies of stray pets on the spot so that every animal gets the emergency care it needs. This is regardless of the ability of the person presenting the animal to pay for services. After the pet is stabilized, any further treatment and hospitalization requires a deposit of 100% of the estimated fees plus a signed consent form. If the person does not have cash, a valid checking account, credit card, or any other acceptable method of payment, then we will not charge for emergency care. However, we cannot continue to be expected to keep the pet and treat it. We have payment plans with CareCredit and accept all major credit cards. We also accept payment from relatives and friends.

Any stray animal that has an ID tag that is legible or microchip, we will take in. We will attempt to find the owners since there is a high probability of success in locating the owner.

Any stray animal that does not have an ID tag or microchip, we cannot take into our facility. Unidentified pets have a low probability of being able to be returned to their owners. We will provide emergency care at no charge and examine the pet at no charge. We suggest the person who found the pet adopt it and see one of our team members for a handout on what to do if a pet is lost or found.

Some individuals may feel we are not compassionate for refusing to take in an unidentified stray pet, but I think they misjudge our practice. We are a very compassionate and caring practice. We donate more than $30,000 per year in services and products to humane societies, including free exams for SPCA and CAPs pets plus pro-bono work for the Golden Retriever Rescue, Bunny Buddies, Lone Star Basset Hound Rescue Club, and other rescue groups.

If there are any questions about our guidelines, please see me.

Dr. Patrick D. Choyce

We hope that you will feel at home in our hospital, and we welcome you to contact us with your question and to plan a tour of our facility.