Should You Be Grooming Your Cat on the Regular?

grooming your cat is importantOf your cat’s many skills, being able to self-clean probably hovers near the top of the list. Unlike dogs, cats are highly adept at keeping themselves shiny and tidy. When they’re not sleeping, eating, cuddling, playing, or hunting, cats are licking their fur clean. Does this mean that you’re off the hook?

Grooming your cat is an important aspect of feline ownership, and it can be a rewarding opportunity for both of you.

Comes with the Territory

When you adopted your cat, you likely admired their furry coat, or the cute way they licked their front paws to clean their face. Without a doubt, cats have adorably clever ways of keeping their furry coats immaculate. While sometimes the positions they take to get the job done seem almost impossible, applying their rough, sandpaper-like tongue to far-reaching areas helps them look – and more importantly, feel – their absolute best. Continue…

Fun and Rewarding Pet Related Summer Jobs for Students

Pet related summer jobs are a great way to get veterinary experienceWhen we hear about kids and teens who want to work with animals, we couldn’t be more excited! Each and every one of us here at All Pets Animal Hospital share a deep love for animals, and we understand the passion that many young people feel when it comes to pets and other animals.

Of course, most teenagers won’t be able to start out working in a veterinary clinic, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways for motivated kids to be near animals while earning extra money at the same time. Check out our ideas for pet related summer jobs for students! Continue…

Lost and Found: The Importance of Pet Microchipping

pet microchippingThe American Humane Association estimates that over 10 million dogs and cats are lost every year. They also estimate that one in three pets will be lost at some point during their lives. Those are some scary statistics! And, when you realize just how fast your dog or cat can dash out the door (even when you open it only a crack), those numbers might not seem unrealistic.

Losing a pet is heart-wrenching and frightening. Luckily, pet microchipping is an easy, safe, and effective way to give your pet the best chance of being reunited with you. All Pets Animal Hospital is exploring the importance of microchips, and we’re eager to share with you.


Why Does My Cat Pee Outside the Litter Box? A Guide to Feline Urinary Problems

feline urinary problemsOur furry, fluffy feline friends can be a little finicky. Whether it’s food, toys, or snuggle spots, they like things to be a certain way – and stay that way forever. In the case of their litter boxes, cats absolutely count on it remaining in the same spot, with the same brand and type of litter they’ve gotten used to, and they prefer when it’s empty before using it again. However, even when things stay exactly the same, feline urinary problems can occur.

If you’ve noticed that your cat urinates outside the box, it’s time to investigate.


“Why do Dogs…?” Answers to the Most Curious Dog Questions

Dog QuestionsWhile the mysterious ways of the domestic feline are puzzling to many pet owners, our dog companions can also amuse, annoy, and puzzle us with their habits. From their desire to eat grass to their need to sleep so much, there are many aspects of a dog’s life we may find perplexing.

To answer some of the more common dog questions out there, the friendly team at All Pets offers a closer look into the world of quirky canine behaviors.


Home, Sweet Home: Unique Alternatives to a Traditional Dog House

dog houseFrom luxury suites to pup tents, dog houses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Like the image of Snoopy atop his dog house, the traditional one-room wooden shelter has a certain nostalgic feel for many of us. However, like most pet-related needs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to new designs and alternatives in pet housing.


Would You Know a Pet Emergency if You Saw One?

Pet EmergencySome pet emergencies are immediately obvious, but in many cases it can be difficult to decide if your pet needs medical attention right away, or if it can wait. While we certainly hope that you and your pet will never have to face an emergency situation, we believe it’s important for pet owners to understand what constitutes a pet emergency, and how to respond appropriately.


Too Good to Be True: Homemade Flea and Tick Remedies

With all of the hype around “all natural”, organic, and homemade remedies for human health and personal hygiene, it is no surprise that pet owners are also on the all-natural bandwagon. There is nothing wrong with this, per se, and many chemically-derived products can be problematic for both people and animals alike. Striving for better quality, safer products is certainly commendable, but the problem lies in the idea that all products that are touted as natural are safe.

One of the things the team at All Pets Animal Hospital has come across is the use of essential oils and homemade concoctions to treat parasites or prevent them. This can be risky when these medications are toxic to our four-legged friends, or, at the very least, they are ineffective in keeping pets parasite-free.

Let’s take a closer look at the trend in homemade flea and tick remedies.


Why do Cats Knead With Their Paws (and Claws)?

cats kneadThere are few things cuter than a little fluff ball preparing to take a nap. After scoping out the scene for the perfect spot (aka your lap), they may jump up and circle a time or two before that trance-like look washes over their cute face. The look that screams, “This is my JAM!”

Cats knead for various reasons. This uniquely feline behavior is universal, but the motivation behind it isn’t widely known. However, it really is just one more reason to love our little cat friends!