5 Things to Remember About Sharing Your Holidays with Pets

The holidays are pretty special, but throw a pet or two into the mix and you have a recipe for pure delight! As long as we plan ahead to keep anxiety down and our pets’ safety at the forefront, sharing your holidays with pets can truly make this the most wonderful time of the year.


A Cornucopia of Safety: Pet Thanksgiving Safety Tips

If you’re like almost 90% of U.S. pet owners, you consider your pet a member of the family. Family members certainly receive plenty of perks, but enjoying a full Thanksgiving meal should not be part of the deal for a four-legged participant. Many of the foods we enjoy during Thanksgiving can be hazardous to our pets’ health, and should be kept away from them.

Your partners in pet care at All Pets Animal Hospital want to make sure your pet avoids an accidental poisoning or other holiday hazard. Check out our pet Thanksgiving safety tips for an amazing, pet-friendly holiday.


Belches, Gurgles, and Gas, Oh My! A Guide to Pet Tummy Trouble

pet tummy troubleAlmost all pet owners have dealt with digestive difficulties in some shape or form during their time caring for animals. Often these issues are fleeting, but sometimes they just won’t go away or are cause for major concern. So how is a pet owner to know when to worry? All Pets Animal Hospital wants to help you know when pet tummy trouble is an emergency and when it might not be a big deal.


What I’ve Learned From My Dog

learned from my dogWho can deny the love of a dog or the genuine companionship we share with them? Growing up with a dog has been known to increase empathy among children, and having a dog by your side in your older years can keep you fit, healthy, and happy. The many rewards of dog ownership are vast, but one benefit we may not have suspected is that we actually learn something from them.

From the time we bring them home, our lives are focused on their training. Yet, in many ways, they also train us! Consider what you’ve learned from your dog. You’d be surprised by how many unspoken words of wisdom your furry pal bestows.


Catnaps And Doggie Dozing: Why Do Pets Sleep So Much?

pets sleep so muchImages of sleeping pets are everywhere; posters, calendars, internet memes, and more. And it’s easy to see why; pets (like children) seem to be at their sweetest and most angelic when they are asleep. Considering that most pets spend large amounts of their days asleep, chances are good that your own furry friend is asleep right this very minute!

Most pet owners accept the fact that their pets sleep so much, but how many of us have actually stopped to wonder why?


Planning for a Pet-Friendly Halloween

pet-friendly halloweenHalloween is around the corner, and the ghouls, witches, and zombies are ready to come out to play. It’s likely that you have already planned the perfect costume for you and your kids and decked your halls with bats and pumpkins. For many of us, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, but have you considered how it impacts the furriest goblins on your list – your pet?

This haunted holiday may be thrilling for the people in your life; but for pets, it can be frightening. From choosing pet costumes to avoiding toxic treats, the four-legged in your life needs some careful planning in order to keep the holiday safe and fun for him.

All Pets Animal Hospital has you covered with our tips for your pet-friendly Halloween.

Costume or No?

If you plan on dressing your pet up this holiday, it’s a good idea to prepare in advance. First, is your canine, feline, or exotic comfortable with the idea, or will it be stressful for him? Take the time now to introduce your pet to the outfit. In some cases, your loveable Lab will be all about the bumblebee get-up, or your party-loving parrot will be more than accommodating as a wee pirate.

Just be sure, however, to follow some basic safety precautions and never force your pet if he is feeling stressed or fearful.


Why Cat Toys Are Essential for Emotional and Physical Health

cat toysIndoor cats are at an advantage when it comes to health and safety, but they are sometimes lacking in behavioral enrichment and exercise. As nearly 60% of household cats are overweight or obese, this statistic attests to a lack of exercise, among other factors. It is also true that cats – despite their propensity for napping – are typically overlooked when it comes to exercise and play.

Play is an important part of life for any animal, and certainly for our feline companions. Your friends at All Pets Animal Hospital are here to help you “up your game” when it comes to cat toys and to discuss the many good reasons why your cat requires playtime.

The Importance of Playtime

When it comes to playtime and exercise, your cat relies on you to provide the necessities, from interactive toys to cuddles. Cats have unfortunately been assigned as a “low maintenance pet”. This comes with many detriments, like a lack of enrichment and fewer visits to the vet. Of course, this premise is entirely untrue. Cats, like all pets, require play, activities, affection, and attention.

While outdoor cats have opportunities for expressing feline behaviors, such as stalking prey, hiding, scratching, and climbing, outdoor cats are less likely to have long, healthy lives due to accident or illness. Indoor cats are much healthier, but they do require their pet parents to offer a variety of stimulating activities – like cat toys!


The Aftermath: Helping Pets Adjust After A Hurricane

pet adjustA time of healing and adjustment naturally takes place after a hurricane displaces people from their homes and causes large amounts of upheaval in a community. Friends, neighbors, and community members gather together to help one another rebuild their homes and lives, rallying around to support those with the greatest needs. People are advised and encouraged to share their feelings and ask for help in dealing with the often difficult emotions that surface after a catastrophic event.

Unfortunately for our pets, we aren’t able to explain to them what’s going on and encourage them to “talk it out” with us. Helping pets adjust in the aftermath of a stressful even like a hurricane takes a more hands on approach, and can be accomplished with patience, empathy, and a little planning.


Prepare to Share a Bright Future With a Pocket Pet

pocket petsTortoises, parrots, and horses round out the list of pets with the longest lifespans. While many cats and dogs can live up to 20 years old, these other pets typically live 25 to 75 years. This means their golden years may not begin until the twentieth year or so – a time frame that goes way beyond the typical lifespan of a pocket pet.

Pocket pets have a significantly shorter lifespan, but their senior years can remain quite full and happy when certain pocket pet care tactics are firmly in place.


Save the Furniture! Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Cat Scratching

cat scratchingCats are truly amazing creatures! What’s not to love about their silky fur, happy purring, gently swishing tails, slow blinks, head bumps and…scratch marks on your brand new leather couch?! Yes, even the most perfect cat has the ability to ruin a piece of furniture, but what’s a pet owner to do?

The team at All Pets Animal Hospital is committed to the happy cohabitation of our beloved feline patients and their families. We’re happy to share a variety of solutions to cat scratching that don’t involve the removal of a cat’s claws!