Sitting On the Dock of the Bay…Pet Boat and Water Safety

pet water safetyThere’s nothing like spending time on the water to really get the most out of long summer days. From sailing the Gulf to renting a pontoon boat on Lake Somerville, many of us enjoy lazy days among the waves. So, it’s understandable that among the two-legged seafaring sorts, there are a few faithful pets ready to climb aboard with us!

Spending time on the water is a great way to have fun with the whole family, including Fido. However, like caring for young children, there are a few pet boat and water safety tips you should know to prevent accidents and heat-related illnesses.


All About the Dog Flu

dog fluEvery so often, veterinary medicine experiences an influx of a new disease. Most recently, canine influenza (dog flu) has entered the scene, wreaking havoc across the country.  We haven’t been spared here in Texas, and pet owners everywhere have questions.

Read on to learn what your All Pets Animal Hospital vets think you need to know about dog flu and how it affects you and your pooch.

Canine Influenza Basics

The dog flu has been around for a few decades. The first strain, called H3N8, was identified in a group of greyhounds in 2004. While it was a serious problem in the locations where the outbreaks occurred, the dog flu remained a fairly isolated problem.
In April of 2015, though, veterinarians in the Chicago area started to report seeing an outbreak of kennel cough like they had never seen before. This outbreak was much more serious, with slightly different symptoms than the typical ones normally caused by the Bordetella bacteria.

This was because this particular outbreak was caused by a canine influenza virus. This time the strain to blame was H3N2, a flu that had previously only been found in Asia.


An Animal Lover’s Guide to the Post-Op Pet

post-op pet careIf your furry, little love has recently had surgery, you are probably a bit of a nervous wreck trying to take care of him or her appropriately. Recovering from any kind of procedure takes time, but as the pet owner you will want to do everything you can to help.

When your pet is discharged from All Pets Animal Hospital, we will go over all instructions with you to be certain that you understand. Some points are more important than others, though, so we thought we would highlight the top five things you can do when caring for your post-op pet.

Allow Your Post-Op Pet to Rest

After any surgery, rest is important. If your pet is discharged to your care the day of the procedure, the effects of any anesthetic drugs may still be noticeable. When you bring your post-op pet home, be sure he or she has a quiet, safe location to sleep it off. This should be a place that is familiar (a crate can be an ideal recovery area) and is free of small children or other pets who may disturb your patient.


Food, Family, Fireworks…and Freedom From Pet Anxiety!

pet anxietyThe checklist leading up to the Fourth of July is growing longer by the minute. There are so many things we have to do, buy, and prepare for in order to have the most fun at this year’s BBQ’s, parades, and pyrotechnics – but certain safety measures must remain in the spotlight. Without a well-trained eye on minimizing pet anxiety, the folly surrounding the Fourth of July can quickly turn perilous.

Keep ‘Em Calm

Your four-legged friend doesn’t understand our patriotic history, but he or she certainly can feel the excitement in the air. A major fireworks show is the pièce de résistance of Independence Day, but it can be deeply unsettling for your pet.

Pet anxiety is easily triggered by loud booms, cracks, and fizzles. Please leave your pet at home and in a place that boosts feelings of security:


The Pet Escape Artist: What to Do When Your Pet Likes to Roam

pet escapeSpring and summer are often the busiest seasons for animal control when it comes to missing pets. Some of this is due to un-spayed/neutered pets, while some escapes occur because we spend more time outside with our pets in the warm weather. And let’s not forget the rowdy holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, which can result in fear-related escapes.

A pet escape artist is susceptible not only to accidents, such as being hit by a car, but also invites the possibility of becoming permanently lost. To help keep your runaway pet from going on yet another “adventure,” let’s look at some reasons behind these escapes and what you can do to prevent them.


What Is DoggoLingo? Your Guide to the Internet’s Language for Pets

Doggo. Puppers. Corgo. Floof. If you have no idea what those words mean, you’ve come to the right place.

Words such as bork, blop, and mlem may sound like they’re straight out of a science fiction novel, but they are actually a part of the internet’s “language” for pets, also known as ‘DoggoLingo’ or ‘Doggo-Speak’. These funny sounding, dog-centric words generally accompany a picture or video of a dog online, and have been spreading throughout all forms of social media in recent years.

Because we absolutely adore dogs here at All Pets Animal Hospital, we wanted to look into this DoggoLingo thing a little more closely and share our discoveries with readers who may have never heard about this new way of describing man’s best friend.


Feline Mysteries: Why Do Cats Love Catnip So Much?

catnipOn any given day, we’re all ruled by cause and effect, but the results aren’t always negative. Sure, we don’t watch where we’re going, and we fall; if we neglect to pay the bills, we receive a late fee. However, we also get a lot of joy out of helping others in need or doing good deeds.

The cats we know and love are also ruled by a similar understanding. However, their experiences may have more to do with what they hunt, where they jump, and how they respond to Nepeta cateria. While not all cats respond in the same way (or not at all), most cats love catnip. And they seem to know implicitly that if they get a whiff, they better be prepared for some serious antics!

Cat’s Eye

Given the chance, most cats opt for a little treat or indulgence. This may come in the form of a mouse-shaped, catnip-filled toy. Whipped about, the toy releases nepetalactone, the chemical compound found in the leaves and stem of the plant. Related to mint, catnip can grow up to 3 feet high and has the potential to trigger special receptors that sense pheromones.

The main reason cats love catnip? The nepetalactone allows them to feel an overwhelming sense of happiness. If it’s eaten, however, the effect of catnip is sedation. Indeed, the effects of catnip on cats are typically compared to marijuana or LSD on people.


In a Split, Who Gets the Pet? The Intricacies of Pet Custody Revealed

The determination “irreconcilable differences” is common among divorce cases, perhaps because it is vague enough not to drag one’s name through the mire. But it doesn’t offer much clarity for couples who adopted, nurtured, and loved a pet during their time together. There are ways to avoid appearing in court, but if pet custody cannot be agreed to a judge will scrutinize which household would best serve the animal in question.


Is Your Pocket Pet Ready for Summer?

pocket petsWhen you consider the name of our hospital, it’s clear that we welcome all pets, from cats and dogs to non-venomous snakes and chickens. As you can imagine, these various animals benefit from regular veterinary assistance, but their needs differ from species to species. Add to that a sizable seasonal shift, and we really have our work cut out for us! Getting ready for winter is always a concern, but is your pocket pet prepared for the scorching sun and humidity?


Summertime Style: Pet Grooming for Every Season

pet groomingKeeping your pet groomed is an important part of his or her care year round, but the hotter months are often the busiest for grooming salons. Not only does shampooing and styling your pet’s fur look great, it also feels a lot better – especially when it’s warm outside.

At All Pets, our grooming services meet all your furry friend’s needs. Check out some of the reasons summer pet grooming is essential to the general health and well-being of your four-legged pal.